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Hidden Valley Animal Hospital - Missouri

PAW Plans - Pet Annual Wellness Plans

Pet Annual Wellness Plans

Our PAW Plans help manage your pet's preventive care and mitigates unexpected costs throughout all life stages.

How It Works

Managing your pet’s health is extremely important but can be challenging. PAW Plans allow you to budget for your pet’s health by offering convenient monthly payments on the plan your pet’s veterinarian recommends. Services include*:

  • Comprehensive wellness exams

  • Vaccinations

  • Lab tests

  • Dental cleanings

  • Spay & neuter

  • Additional services

*dependent upon the selected plan

PAW Plans Brochures

For more detailed information regarding our PAW Plans, select a brochure below.


How is a PAW Plan different from pet insurance?

Our doctor-designed PAW Plans provide comprehensive wellness care for your pet throughout the entire year at a discounted rate, with convenient & affordable monthly payments. Unlike pet insurance, which typically reimburses you for certain procedures and medications that you’ve already paid for in the event your pet is sick or injured, these monthly payments cover the cost of the services that your pet needs every year and are included in your PAW Plan along with additional perks such as unlimited exams and discounts for services that aren’t covered by your plan.

What is included in a PAW Plan?

Our various PAW Plans are designed to provide the wellness services our veterinarians recommend for your pets preventive care, including*:

  • Wellness exams

  • Vaccinations**

  • Lab tests

  • Dental cleanings

  • Spay & neuter procedures

  • Discounts for services outside of the PAW Plan.

All PAW Plan services are non-transferable to other pets or clients and are only valid for services performed at our hospital. PAW Plan services cannot be exchanged or substituted. * dependent upon the selected PAW Plan ** as recommended by your veterinarian

How do PAW Plan monthly payments work?

When enrolling your pet into one of our PAW Plans a monthly payment price will be calculated based on the total cost of the services included in that plan at a discounted price, and splitting it into 12 payments to allow for a full year of wellness care for your pet. This total cost is then applied to your account as a balance, which is reduced automatically as your monthly payments are charged; it’s just like making a monthly car payment!

What happens if I need to make changes to my plan?

As our pets grow and mature their wellness needs can also change, and a different PAW Plan may better suit their changing care. Our PAW Plans make it easy to adjust to your pets changing needs by allowing you to upgrade into a more comprehensive plan at any point during the course of your current plan. Plans can also be downgraded into a less comprehensive plan at the time of renewal.

How do I determine which PAW Plan is best for my pet?

No matter your lifestyle, we have a PAW Plan that’s right for you and your pet! For more information on the services and pricing for our PAW Plans check out our brochures below, or simply fill out our PAW Plan Online Enrollment form and one of our PAW Plan Specialists will contact you to discuss your pets wellness care needs, recommend a plan, and schedule a wellness exam to finalize your pets enrollment!

Please also feel free to call our hospital directly to discuss our PAW Plans. Our staff are ready and waiting to help find a plan that’s best for you and your pet!